• Energic Plus® product range: battery chargers & regenerator
    Energic Plus® product range
  • Energic Replus battery regenerator
    Energic Replus battery regenerator
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    High-frequency battery chargers
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    Traction battery chargers

Energic plus

Energic Plus® - In charge of your batteries

The Energic Plus® name is synonymous with quality, innovation and durability in power electronics for battery-operated systems.

Energic Plus® has a long-lasting and successful worldwide presence in the energy storage and power supply sectors for more than 10 years now. We offer a complete range of industrial battery chargers, analyze equipment, regenerators and accessories for all types of lead-acid based batteries (flooded or sealed lead-acid, gel-cell, Ni-Zn …).

Our chargers provide outstanding reliability and performance. In combination with large stock, Energic Plus® is your answer to all battery-related questions!



Battery regenerator for Still dealer

Another Replus battery regenerator sold

Another Replus battery regenerator sold!

Battery regenerator

Second chance

There is now an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient alternative to disposing of lead-acid batteries